The SnifferCrew is a private signals group, which is a lifetime membership. Once you are granted the Sniffer Crew tag in our Discord, you will be able to see swing and scalp signals under the “Sniffer Crew” category. The SnifferCrew is exclusively a cryptocurrency-related group. In addition to the signals, you will also get access to the “Crew chat” group, the ‘Sniffer Crew’ voice chat, and “daily-analysis” chanel. Altogether, the lifetime SnifferCrew membership provides a safe haven for traders both new and old to share ideas, ask questions, and profit off of the latest cryptocurrency trends.



We trade with multiple accounts so that we can swing and scalp simultaneously. Swinging and scalping are both short-term investment strategies employed by traders, but beyond that they are very different from each other. For this reason, you will see two separate signals channels.

The ‘swing-plays’ channel is where we post trades with the duration of a few days to a few weeks. These trades are typically non-leveraged, or low-leveraged, constituting a larger percentage of total liquidity.

The ‘scalp-plays’ channel is where we post higher leveraged trades. Using leverage introduces catastrophic risk to the equation, meaning these trades are a very low percentage of total liquidity, and extremely low percent risk. Scalp trades require vigilance, rapid decision making, technical knowledge, and consistency. The impact should be small enough that no single day’s price action can introduce the account to catastrophic loss. Therefore, we do not recommend scalping to inexperienced traders as these folks tend to experiment unsuccessfully with both leverage and position size, and thus, unknowingly absorb dangerous amounts of risk.



The ‘daily analysis’ channel is the private channel. We post regular updates on the cryptocurrency markets using MS (MarketSniffer). We post diffrent charts from diffrent coins daily. We pick out the good coin to buy and share them in the ‘daily analysis’ channel.



We have provided multiple channels for our paid members to hang out in. If you ever have questions about the signals or the analysis, the other members in our Crew-Chart’ channel will be happy to help you as well as our moderators.

 We are a welcoming family with traders both old and new, but please, do not feel obligated to engage with our boards. For many traders, too many ideas can cause confusion and reduce confidence, so we ask that you know thyself! With that being said, whether you are just here for signals, or you are looking for place to garner advice, asks questions, or bounce ideas off of other traders, the lifetime Sniffer Crew membership is for you!